TFM Unanimously Approves Resolution of Response to Anti-Labor “Powell Doctrine”

May 10, 2017

TFM is joining the Western Conference in approving a resolution of response to the so-called “Powell Memo”. A coordinated Labor response to the memo has never happened. The resolution is intended to build awareness within the AFL-CIO, and create a movement to reverse the negative impacts the memo has had on the Labor Movement in the US.¬† The memo was drafted by Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. on August 23, 1971 and sent to the chair of the US Chamber of Commerce as a blueprint for future pro-corporate and anti-labor initiatives. Here are links to the Memo and the Resolution

The following is from Wikipedia

“…The memo called for corporate America to become more aggressive in molding society’s thinking about business, government, politics and law in the US. It sparked wealthy heirs of earlier American Industrialists like Richard Mellon Scaife; the Earhart Foundation, money which came from an oil fortune; and the Smith Richardson Foundation, from the cough medicine dynasty[13] to use their private charitable foundations, which did not have to report their political activities to join the Carthage Foundation, founded by Scaife in 1964[13] to fund Powell’s vision of a pro-business, anti-socialist, minimalist government-regulated America as it had been in the heyday of early American industrialism, before the Great Depression and the rise of Franklin Roosevelt‘s New Deal.

The Powell Memorandum thus became the blueprint of the rise of the American conservative movement and the formation of a network of influential right-wing think tanks and lobbying organizations, such as The Heritage Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as well as inspiring the US Chamber of Commerce to become far more politically active.[15][16]