April 16, 2020

Dear Musicians,

The Cares Act that was passed in March changes the rules for unemployment compensation, making many more people eligible for benefits! If you think you are not eligible, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with its provisions! Although there is a new law, the application process in Arizona is mired in an old technological system that has not caught up with that law and is not designed to handle the huge numbers of new claims being filed in this crisis.

To help Musicians and others receive the benefits that they deserve, we are sharing a guide that outlines steps that may help you succeed when you file your unemployment insurance claim. We encourage everyone who has lost work and pay due to this crisis to apply! Please do not give up even if you have been turned down once, or could not receive benefits in the past until you review the Cares Act info provided here and determine your eligibility on that basis! The link that follows below opens a document that takes you through your rights to unemployment compensation under the Cares Act. It also contains steps to navigate a particular path through the application process that could give you a higher chance of a successful outcome. > AZ Unemployment Insurance Application Guide

We are also sharing a link to an app that has emerged as a problem solver in the UI application process for many people. >

Here is a link to a review of the donotpay app. >

Please be safe and well as we move forward through this crisis together.

In Solidarity,

TFM President and Executive board.